Facing Failure

The Lord  will cause every defeat in your life 
to be part of your victory.
facing defeat
photo credit: morguefile.com
psalm 31:24
photo credit: morguefile.com


Jewel Clicks said...

Awww... so true. Good thing I'm patient. But sometimes you can't help but you blame yourself for making some mistakes. But that's life.

Jewel Clicks

Anonymous said...

O God help us. Amen

Leony Moonrose said...

Great blog, great post my friend. It is an inspires us and serves us a guide in this christian journey. I am a journeying person and in every journey I have bagages. Thanks God for helping me all the way out. keep inspiring Sonny. Blessings :)

20 York Street said...

This is a great post. It made me stop and think!

I am too hard on myself most of the time, thank you for this!


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ACJ2 said...

Thank you friends..I do appreciate your words. God bless!