It may seem insignificant
To say a word or two;
But when we give encouragement,
What wonders it can do! ~K. De Haan

giving encouragement artwork
deuteronomy 3:28
photo credit: morguefile.com


Katherine Campos said...

Totally agree with you. It is also written that we should encourage one another and strengthen those who are weak (whether physically or spiritually). Thank you for sharing these. :)

A Christian's Journey said...

Again, thank you Katherine! I appreciate your remarks! Take care always! God bless!

Rum-Punch Drunk said...

So true, there are many people who need just a small amount of encouraging words to help them continue in this life, to help them get over a barrier or to just help them succeed in whatever they are doing.
I just wish more people would help others in this way instead of casting stones. Nice post.